Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Is FreakFest on State Street a good idea?

Every year in Madison, on State Street, crowds gather to celebrate Halloween. This tradition has been an annual nightmare for Madison. However, it’s not caused by ghosts and goblins.

The amount of personal injuries and property damage that occurred during past celebrations is outrageous. Something needs to be done to prevent the college drunks from being as careless as pervious years.

I have had enough; I couldn’t even enjoy Halloween last year. While walking on State Street, I nearly received my own personal injury.

Mayor Dave Cieslewicz has had enough too. He doesn’t want things to escalate the way they have been. Using a plan he helped organize, Madison may have a solution for its annual problems. I might even enjoy Halloween this year!

The Mayors plan will make State Street much more controlled. The area will be fenced in and a fee of $5 will be charged for admittance.

This is a good idea because it will allow Madison’s Halloween to be organized and controlled. However, it still sounds like it will be hard to get the crowds to disperse. Fifty thousand people will be forced to leave State Street at 2a.m.

This problem could be addressed by changing a few state laws. The mayor’s idea should be tried, with one slight change. If bar time was extended to 5a.m., the population of the party would be able to slowly disperse throughout the night.

The Halloween celebrations have become to Madison what Mardi Gras is to New Orleans. Students from colleges statewide and beyond gather for fun and not to cause trouble. But the fact remains that many of them do cause trouble.

For now, Cieslewicz’s plan will, hopefully, prevent personal injuries and property damage. The State Street area will be more controlled if someone does get out of hand security can stop them much quicker.

Hopefully, pepper spray and the use of protective gear will be avoided. This is a supposed to be a celebration not a riot. The two should not get mixed up because a bunch of drunken hooligans don’t know how to choose right from wrong.

The new plan will include a totally new atmosphere for the Halloween celebration. The event will be officially called “Freakfest on State Street.”

A new student group has been created by the Mayor called HAC: the Halloween Action Committee. This committee will help plan a safer event with the Mayor.

It is a good an idea to use students as part of the planning for this year’s celebration. This way both the students and the Mayor get what they want.

Students Tom Wangard and Bradon Sivret have been working with Cieslewicz to make the weekend event appeal to students but at the same time be safe.

It may take a while to get used to but the admittance fee will contribute to the huge expenses Madison endeavors every Halloween. Hopefully, this year won’t cost the city a large amount of valuable tax dollars.

The city shouldn’t be totally responsible for the bill. Cover charges are pretty common when going out now. To enter it’s only going to be a measly 5 dollars, the price of a Jager bomb.

A small price to provide a safe night that would be much easier to enjoy. It’s kind of hard to celebrate with a bunch of rowdy, violent drunks standing in the way.

Another big change for State Street will be the added food vendors and live music stages. This added feature is good because it will make Freakfast on State Street not just about alcohol.

To help preserve safety only fifty thousand tickets will be sold for this event. With this limited number the crowd will be easier to control. In the past, crowds have been estimated to more than double that number.

The best feature of the fence will be its ability to control the crowd. Upon admittance patrons will be searched and prohibited from bringing in alcohol beverages.

This will help keep minors from bringing in such items. The ban is not to make money, it’s to maintain control.

In the past, many underage students roamed State Street with open alcohol containers. Underage drinking, during pervious events, has been known to cause street violence and vandalism.

Many youth, in the past, have been detained for creating disturbances during the Halloween event were found to be heavily intoxicated.

This may be the root to the problem every Halloween in Madison. The mayor’s plan will definitely be effective in solving this problem on State Street.

Another valuable quality of the fence will be that people will not be allowed to bring in glass bottles.

Glass bottles have been a problem for State Street. They are dangerous in the wrong hands. My friend, Eric, got pelted in the head with a glass bottle.
He was knocked out cold and had to be treated in the hospital for swelling on his head.

Conversely, many students still don’t support the fence. They say it could create problems.

A major concern is the crowd’s options in an emergency. Citizens, on State Street, believe many people won’t be able to get out. It is also assumed that emergency crews won’t be able to get in.

People have a right to be concerned; a fenced area could do nothing but trap people inside.

However, Cieslewicz is also concerned about the safety of patrons during the event.
The fence will feature many entrance and exits. The city would be liable if it trapped fifty thousand people inside a fence and an emergency broke out.

These plans are definitely going to make the fenced in area safer and will create less commotion. People won’t be limited to passing through one entrance or exit.

This could also help break up the large crowd when the events over. Everybody won’t be leaving from the same exit. All in all, the fenced in area has more positives then negatives.

Creating Freak Fest on State Street, right now, is the best way for the city to meet their goals. Working with students will help make the event more appealing and keep its attraction.

Next year’s plan could be modified if needed, learning from this year. But securing the area may be the best decision the Mayor and the committee made.

Ultimately, the new organized event will most likely prevent the large amounts of pepper spray used and would allow officers to work without protective gear.

This goal is the city needs to meet. The Mayor doesn’t want a repeat of the pervious years. That is why he is so concerned.

I know that I wasn’t comfortable walking by all the police sporting protective gear. They whole time, I wondered if they would mistake me for one of the students causing trouble.

Many students felt anger at the city when they first heard news that Halloween would be organized this year.

They claim that their going to boycott it and go somewhere else. Oblivious to how serious this delinquent behavior has gotten.

Every year, more students act like an angry mob. They attack people, destroy buildings and make other havoc in the city. This isn’t funny it’s distasteful.

These actions cost Madison taxpayers too much money. That is why the event is going to be controlled this year.

There should be respect and an understanding that this is something that shouldn’t occur. The line has been drawn and the city has had enough.

Halloween has been annual a nightmare in the past. Organizing the event is the best way to accomplish safety goals.

Hopefully, the event will be transformed into a paradise for students. Allowing them to celebrate the holiday and have fun.

Last years chaos destroyed my fun. I’m sure all the pervious incidents destroy others enjoyment as well.

I stand with anticipation, the live music sounds like a nice addition to the event. And I can enjoy it without feeling unsafe.

Andrew Olejnik


At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are several factual errors in this op-ed. For starters, the capacity limit of the street is 80,000, not 50k. Secondly, HAC was not created by Mayor Dave, it grew out of the Facebook group that originally advocated moving the party to another street adjacent to State.

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