Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fuel for the America-Haters: Barrett is Back

Yes, you’ve heard it. UW Madison professor Kevin Barrett is back in the news. He is still spouting his anti-American, Bush-hating views, but this time he has a following and a website to plague young, impressionable students. These views, frankly, have no place in any university or in society.

In case you haven’t heard, Kevin Barrett, the UW Madison professor, is famous for accusing President Bush of being a mass murderer who orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. This is clearly defamation towards the President and the action taken against Barrett is that he is not allowed to make any public statements. He is currently teaching a class on Islam this semester, using the ‘academic freedom’ excuse to turn his views into fact and mislead his students.

Didn’t this happen before? And didn’t I know him as Ward Churchill?

He has now formed a group, Scholars for 9/11 Truth, which includes other conspiracy theorists who are determined to set their delusional truth free.

One conspiracy theorist in particular is James Fetzer, who is a retired professor from the University of Minnesota – Duluth. Apparently he knows the truth and he’s encouraging people to visit this group’s website. I would list the web address, but I don’t want to drive traffic to this page and give people credit that don’t support the country and lie about our President.

I, only on the premise of research, did go to that website. This is a group of people who clearly hate their country and they hate the President. They make unsubstantiated claims and have no evidence to back them up. These views do not belong on the Internet, or anywhere for that matter.

This group is without a doubt, catering to students. They know they can easily persuade them. Students are also generally Liberal. Campuses like UW Madison are very Liberal. There’s nothing wrong with that, that’s why we live in America. But when that Liberalism takes extreme measures and actually calls the President a murderer, you have to start drawing the line somewhere. That line has not been drawn with this group.

Fetzer claims that they have the evidence. He claims that they have hundreds of documents, records and photographs. If he has so much evidence, where is it? Why aren’t they being publicized or on the front pages of all the major newspapers? Not to mention all the Democrats that would line up to get their hands on this juicy material to fuel their Bush-bashing fire. I’m not the only one who has asked these questions. Others have and the answer they get is consistent with a conspiracy theorist: The Federal Government controls the media and this is something they don’t want the public to see.

Well then, if that’s the case, send your material and “evidence” to the CBC or the French media. They would love it in France.

Everyone, but the ones responsible, is being blamed for 9/11. And President Bush is just Left’s scapegoat.

It’s hard to fathom that the President of the United States would even consider creating this grand conspiracy and taking down over 3,000 of his fellow citizens. Then, just for kicks, blame a couple people in the Middle East and start a war. These theorists really need a better pastime.

This is exactly why none of the news media has given them any air time or print space. The only air time that this group has seen was when Bill O’Reilly had Fetzer on the Factor recently. Bill tore him to shreds because he knew he was wrong about everything he was claiming. The media knows that this group is wrong. These claims are false, unsupported and just downright ridiculous. In the words of the John Stossel, give me a break.

I’m real tired of these America-haters that are spewing their views to the masses and playing them off as fact. If this country is so horrible to live in, then move. No one is stopping you. We don’t want you teaching our children. The country will be better off if groups like the one run by Barrett and Fetzer are gone.

Fetzer says that the only reason that this group is out there is because they care about the nation and we deserve the truth. Well, we know the truth, and his “truth” isn’t it. If they truly cared for the country, they should be able to see that they are only hurting it by blaming the Bush administration. The families of victims of 9/11 don’t want to hear that the man they voted into office murdered their loved ones.

The President is doing everything he can to combat terrorism and to avoid another 9/11. We need to stop criticizing and blaming him, and let him do his job.


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