Monday, October 30, 2006

A Different Kind of Solution

By: Andrew Olejnik
A Different Kind of Solution

De Wallen, famous for its adult carnival and red lights, has tolerated prostitution for centuries, in the Netherlands.

When visiting, adults feel like Alice in Wonderland. Walking through De Wallen is sure to give any American a culture shock.

But even some members of the Dutch sex industry organization think Dutch VVD liberals have a new strange idea for them.

Dutch soldiers are increasingly being taken by the highest levels of stress ever while on missions in the Middle East. Something needs to be done to provide some relief. I don’t think the Dutch Military had any idea liberal politicians like Annemarie Jorritsma would propose the use of prostitutes as the answer.

My dad, who immigrated to the Netherlands in 1988, thinks this idea is a bit odd and who is really to blame him? On the other hand, he’s not surprised by it. I remember him saying “The Dutch is as liberal as they get!”

He might be right; Americans would never accept this as a solution for stress among their soldiers. Our culture does not tolerate prostitution like the liberal Dutch society does.

But this idea is even ridiculous for some of the Dutch. Andre van Dorst of the Sex Industry Organization in Amsterdam has told the Dutch Media that he finds this idea a strange move for politicians.

However, Dutch liberals aren’t joking. Their solution would be to allow the Dutch Military to hire prostitutes from the Sex Industry Organization. These ladies would travel abroad with Dutch soldiers.

Hiring girls, which normally work under the red lights, would bring a new taboo to the Dutch about their military. I think the Dutch would really standout among the other soldiers involved with NATO and its peacekeeping process.

Strangely, the Dutch Military would be providing an opportunity for the Dutch Sex Industry to grow. Many more females would be given the choice to work as a prostitute.

You would think this idea would only win the support of some pervert who thinks about sex a little too much. Oddly enough, one of the hugest supporters of this idea is a female.

Jorritsma is a prominent member in the ruling VVD Liberals Union. She is so fond of this idea that she made an out of the ordinary move and went on Dutch National Television to support it.

She made a statement claiming that this is the best way for Dutch soldiers to let off some steam. She thinks that the soldiers would perform better, in the military, if they were allowed to see some prostitutes.

A government official, in the United States, would never dare to go on National Television to support this. The American public would be outraged.
For America, prostitution is not culturally acceptable. Congress would never support this idea like the Dutch VVD party does.

Even if the Dutch are famous for their liberal ideas like the legalization of prostitution in De Wallen, this idea is still outrageous.
Dutch soldiers have to follow the rules of marriage like everyone else. Dutch Military spokesman Wim van den Burg agrees. During an interview, he told the press that his wife would be upset if he saw a prostitute.

In De Wallen, prostitution is mainly a popular tourist attraction. The area draws thousands of tourists, from all over the world, daily. Many Dutchmen visit the area as well but the area is mainly for tourists.

Prostitution in the Netherlands is confined to controlled areas like De Wallen. I wonder how appropriate it would be to expand it to military bases.

Jorritsma, thinks this is the best way for Dutch soldiers to let off steam but is this really acceptable? The Royal Dutch army right now has 2,000 active soldiers.

Most of the Dutch soldiers are in Afghanistan right now. Has anybody in the ruling VVD liberals thought about how much this would upset the Muslims there?

In Afghanistan, sexual references involving women are not tolerated. Sex before marriage is not socially acceptable. Imagine, how upset everyone there and elsewhere in the Middle East would be if prostitutes were brought to the Afghan region.

For Afghan culture, it is completely dishonorable for a woman to have sex before marriage. The women’s family is embarrassed enough that commonly they are willing to murder them after such instances. This type of behavior is known as honor killings and is culturally backed.

It would be wrong to bring prostitutes to Afghanistan and would, ultimately, create trouble. Jorritsma should come up with a better solution.

Think about the message Dutch soldiers would send to the people in Afghanistan. Afghan women will wonder why Dutch culture is more tolerant to prostitution and sex before marriage. This could possibly make Dutch soldiers a target for violence in Afghanistan.

The Dutch Military should consider efforts to protect its military if they do begin to hire prostitutes. They would be putting soldiers in even more stressful situations.

According to Canadian General David Fraser, the southern part of Afghanistan is one of the most high-stress zones in the peacekeeping process.

His Brigade had served the area, for eight months, before the Dutch Military took control of security their. In an area that is already known for strong resistance. I think that, the Dutch Military would be asking for trouble if they really brought prostitutes to Afghanistan.

The Dutch soldiers won’t be able to hide during patrols. Since there are numerous countries involved in the peacekeeping process each convoy is labeled with their country’s flag.

If the Dutch begin to bring women from the Red Light District to their operation it would be appropriate to consider removing their flags. This would prevent them from standing out while on patrol.

If the soldiers are that stressed the best solution would be to rotate another unit into Southern Afghanistan. It makes no sense to upset the wives of Dutchmen by allowing their husbands to see prostitutes for stress relief.

Meanwhile, if the Dutch are to remain in Southern Afghanistan for more of an extended period of time there is other solutions. Dutch politicians like Jorritsma should consider giving soldiers vacations.

I think it would more appropriate to send Dutch soldiers to a Caribbean resort to relax than to have prostitutes accompany them on missions.

The Dutch have plenty of islands in the Caribbean. The Dutch Military could contract with resorts and send the soldiers and their families, routinely, for some fun in the sun.

Why risk offending the Muslim community in Afghanistan? I think Jorritsma should reconsider the statement she made on television.

Mixing prostitutes with the military is not the answer. This, truly, is a strange solution.

Such a resolution could destroy the Dutch Military’s image worldwide. I’m convinced no other country that is a member of NATO would even consider the liberal taboo that some of the Dutch VVD is considering for their military.

But I am American; I can’t accept prostitutes, in the military, because my culture has taught me that prostitution is wrong.

If the American society was liberal, like the Netherlands, I might view prostitutes accompanying soldiers in a new light. However, even some of the Dutch think this idea is preposterous.


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