Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Clinton's Actions Retroactively Threaten U.S./World Security

In alarming world news North Korea claims to possess and to have tested a nuclear bomb. Americans who are still shaken from the failures which led to the terrorist attacks of 9-11 are looking to point their red, white and blue fingers.

Who could be to blame for North Korea's newly-developed nuclear ability? Perhaps former presidents or the office of national security. Maybe certain M*A*S*H doctors whose anti-American ideology decisively led to U.S. troop withdrawal from the Korean conflict in 1951.

Recently Republican Senator John McCain implicated former President Bill Clinton's foreign policy which he claims allowed North Korea to develop nuclear weapons. The “liberal media” has given full coverage to this statement as would be expected with the midterm elections approaching. McCain is not actually up for reelection in the senate until 2010 making him a safe candidate to attack the former president.

Could this be a scare tactic by the Republicans trying to wash their hands of any administrative responsibility, or is Clinton solely responsible for yet another American disaster?

Everyone in America knows that Bill Clinton ignored presidential daily briefs that clearly predicted the events of 9-11, but this new evidence may expose him as the single person who is responsible for allowing North Korea to obtain nuclear weapons.

Massive spending on national security and constant attention to foreign threats since 9-11 weren't able to stop North Korea from developing these weapons. Events of the past leading up to North Korea's newfound power will show how anyone with any interest in or knowledge of national security could have stopped it from happening.

Americans now know that North Korea has developed the ability to build nuclear weapons. These nuclear weapons, like any nuclear weapons, would not be possible without the ability to enrich uranium. Nuclear reactors produce enriched uranium.

Somehow North Korea gained access to the nuclear reactors which they used to enrich their uranium.

In 1994 Bill Clinton approved a measure allowing North Korea to receive nuclear technology in exchange for abandoning their nuclear weapons program. In 2000, while Clinton was still president, Donald Rumsfeld sat on the board of the company which provided North Korea with two light water nuclear reactors capable of enriching uranium. One year later Rumsfeld became Secretary of Defense.

In 2006 North Korea developed its first nuclear weapon joining an elite group which includes the U.S., the U.K., France, China, India and Pakistan.

The case is clear. Bill Clinton must have told the future Secretary of Defense of the United States of America to make sure North Korea, or as Clinton was known to call it, “Little America,” had fully functional uranium enriching reactors because they were a trustworthy ally of the U.S.

Rumsfeld, an honorable patriot, always does what the President deems best for America without a second thought. Rumsfeld seems to feel that any thought independent of government is unamerican.

It has also been said that in the early 1980's Bill Clinton told Donald Rumsfeld, who at the time was the U.S. Middle East Envoy, to push the State Department to approve the sale of military-type helicopters to Iraq by American companies. These helicopters turned out to be the same helicopters suspected by U.S. intelligence of being used to gas the Kurds in 1988.

Note: The 1988 gassing of the Kurds was the fourth and final justification for the Iraq war after 9-11 links, nuclear/chemical weapons, and torture were either proved untrue or discounted by U.S. actions in the same prisons Saddam Hussein used for torture. No children were harmed in the making of this war.

Donald Rumsfeld has been the U.S. Secretary of Defense for almost six years (eight if one counts the two years he served that position under President Ford in the mid-1970's). No reasonable person could have expected him to foresee a problem with North Korea. After all, he was still dealing with Clinton's mess in Iraq, which was he called a “smoking gun” threat to the U.S. Not to mention, according to Rumsfeld, Iraq had links to 9-11, not North Korea.

Rumsfeld must have forgotten that the 1080's Governor of Arkansas only told him to encourage the sale of gas-bomb-dropping helicopters to Iraq, and that the nuclear technology that Clinton made him get paid to sell nuclear technology to North Korea.

If Bill Clinton's charisma didn't have such a strong hold over one of the most brilliant defenders of this nation America wouldn't have to deal with these problems. It has been especially difficult to protect America since the Secretary of Defense's job, as it was officially redefined by President Clinton in 2001, is to exploit national tragedies, disregard all facts, and to ignore any actual threat to national security.


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